Web Based Communication Tools

The internet has become a powerful tool for information and communication exchange. It provides for us many interactive tools like E-mails, Instant Messaging, Internet Forums, Wikis and Blogs.

The E-mail has been known for a long time comparing with other technologies like blogs and wikis, and that made it the most common communication tool. It becomes the alternative for original mail through most of life sides. Through it you can send formal and informal letters, reports and etc .

Another tool is Instance Messaging, it is popular between people in business and also in daily life. It cut the time and space between areas, provides immediate contact and interactive. Beside it saves time, space and effort ,it also saves money and increases the value of the enterprise especially for transnational corporations . Instant Messaging provides for it a cheap if we don't say a free solution for binding its branches together.

Not before a long time, Forums, Blogs and Wikis appear as active and dynamic communication tools. It allows creating virtual communities where people with the same interests can interact ,communicate and exchange knowledge and opinions .These new tools have been used by companies to connect their employees with each others inside the enterprise outside it.

All these tools are and will stay an important factor of any enterprise wants to stay in business and compete, and want to guarantee to keep harmony between its employees to get the most value of them.