Course Principle :
"You will learn writing well by doing as much writing as possible " .
So in this course we are going to focus on developing report writing skills .

Effective Business Communications
In every area of our lives we need to communicate with others to transfer information, ideas, opinions and also emotions .But in order to get the wanted results we should do effective communication .

Reports are made in operational,strategic level and decisions are taken on upper levels depending on these reports .

Johari Window

A Model Made by Josiph and Harry for self-awareness,personal development, group development and understanding relationship.
It's a simple tool for understanding and training self-awareness ,personal development improving communications ,interpersonal relationship,group dynamics,team development ,self and inter groups relationships .


Johari Window is divided into four areas that are :

  1. Open Area or Arena :where you yourself and others know things about you.
  2. Blind Area :where others know things about you but you don't know it .as this area is smaller as you increase your self-awareness.
  3. Hidden or Masked Area:when you know things others don't know about you.
  4. Unknown Area: When neither you nor the others knows things about you .
For a new team the Masked and Blind areas are bigger than Open area ,this should be changed after a while when team members do effective communication between them by telling and asking .

What people could know about you ?
Your feelings,experience,views,attitudes,skills,interests and motivations.

johari.jpg How the areas are changed to improve self and other awareness

Johari Window of a new team member
Johari Window of an established team member

in order to do effective comm you need some skills and tools like:

  • persuasive skills
  • language (speaking and writing
  • critical thinking

if we asked ourselves what do we use more to communicate verbal or nonverbal?well,we will find that it depend on the job it self ,but in general we do more
writing than talking.

But whether you prefer to talk or to write there is language skills you have to improve.

language skills
Receptive :information
productive:knowledge construction

ways of teaching :
There is different ways to deliver the ideas to others ,you can use audio,visual or applicable ways .but also you should be aware of what fits the recpient and you may need to mix them in order to deliver your thoughts .

Communication Models

These slides give a simple explanation about a communication model,click here

What is a model ?
Forms or abstracts used as a stander for some subject that you can build on it or develop it to get your final result.

Types of communication model.

  • classical communication models.

Aristotale's model of communication.



  • Linear communication models

Shannon-Weaver comm. model

Entropy :The measure of uncertainty in a system .
Redundancy :The degree to witch information is not unique in the system.
Noise:Measure of information not related to the massage .
Channel Capacity :The measure of maximum of information a channel can carry.

Berlo's Model of Communication


  • Non linear Models

A Helical Model
The helix implies that communication is continuous, unrepeatable, additive, and accumulative; that is, each phase of activity depends upon present forces at work as they are defined by all that has occurred before. All experience contributes to the shape of the unfolding moment; there is no break in the action, no fixed beginning, no pure redundancy, no closure. All communicative experience is the product of learned, non repeatable events which are defined in ways the organism develops to be self-consistent and socially meaningful. In short, the helix underscores the integrated aspects of all human communication as an evolving process that is always turned
inward in ways that permit learning, growth, and discovery.

In all previous models an effective communication will happen is the idea, the goal and the content of the massage received correctly .

Academic writing VS Technical writing .

Academic writing
Technical writing
Demonstrate what you know about the topic to justify a grade.
On job projects, persuading customers ….
Your knowledge of topic is less than your teacher.
is less than your teacher.
usually greater than that of the reader.
the teacher who requested and will evaluate it.
Often several people with differing technical background.
Criteria for evaluation
Depth, Logic, Clarity, Unity, grammar.
Clear & simple organization of ideas, in a format that meets the needs of a busy reader.
Statistical & graphical support
Sometimes used to explain and persuade
Frequently used to explain existing conditions and to present alternative course of action.