On The Job writing /communicating

Before 20 years when you want to write a report or letter you would use papers,pencils and pens,Nowadays you will use electronic media like e-mail,word processing ,Instant Massages and blogs.
These e-medias make the communications better between the employees in the same Organization Especially in international corporation ,it canceled the distances and time between the branches of the organization itself , increased effective communication ,increase the profit and the values for the company .

All of this is great but before you start writing you must think and reflect about things in your mind . After that ,express these thoughts by writing to spreed it to people and so they become aware of it ,in other words you have to transfer Tacit to explicit .

At your fist time, you may not write or express well about what is in your mind but practice make perfect .It's like making a table or any thing else,at first you have to follow some steps to get the final product ,one by one and by time and practice ,at the end you will get the efficient final product .So you have to practice and try to get your efficient writing .